Jung Jinyoung, the main vocalist of B1A4. Born in November 18th, 1991.
Single pringle and ready to party for the whole night.
Bisexual and falls easily in love with people. Can't really choose what to eat, so eats ice cream all the time.


I don’t know what I’ve been drinking, because I’m so messed up. /nods- Yeah let’s jump together /jumps with you- ORANGE, thank you Tarzan!~ /takes the orange-

Maybe a creepy noona gave you something? (/grins, laughing) JUMPING IS COOL. We look so attracting now. Can’t deny a fact. OH you’re welcome~

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what’s the point of cute boys if i can’t have one 

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seohyun-otp-deactivated20121207 said: -waves- Annyeoung!~

Hello there, you pretty.

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suho-otp-deactivated20130111 said: welcome to the family jingyoung!!

Thank you a lot!

hyungshik-otp-deactivated201212 said: WELCOME TO OTP!! I hope you like it here! :DD

THANK YOU. I’m sure I’ll like it a lot! 8D

homeless-seukhye said: Your dirty mind is excused ._. I'm innocent I swear!~

…. Did I said that I’m dirty minded? Oh crap, I’m so busted now. 
Why I won’t believe you at all?

jaekyung-anc-deactivated2013040 said: heyyyyyyya!!!!!!


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Yeah ugauga… /laughs- Like a pikachumonkey or something like that~ Oh jump with me then! /nods- I can give you a banana! /gives to you a banana-

(/laughs loudly, pats your shoulder) Poor guy, you’ve totally lost it! I’ll jump with you anytime.. oh FOOD? Thanks~ (/takes the banana) I’ll give you an orange. (/gives you one)

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